Thursday, 5 March 2015

best way to not be bothered

LADIES this one is for you; ill give you my example first i dress up nice hair and make up done go out one day shopping with my 2 babies and i get followed by a guy all over town that later approaches me and starts complimenting me in french cest tres jolie mon cherri etc;;; i ignore him i go home and since im honest with alex i tell him the story..  it pissed him off and kinda annoyed me that a guy would show interest in a women with 2 children that clearly tells him shes engaged.. So Today i did as alex said to do disguise myself wearing baggy hunting/army pants a mans jacket and hoody a hat less make-up.. and Guess what IT WORKED NO GUYS CAME TO ME they were afraid of me instead;; or observing my clothing  hahaha how about that ... =)  it will work for anyone so i advice you to try it if you dont want to be bothered... psss not even private agents can know who i am dressed like that...

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