Wednesday, 10 September 2014

stop seperation this is why there is war and no peace

stop seperation this is why there is war.
government humans that use religions as a reasoning of war; racism;
and different languages and misunderstandings and war to seperate us this is why there is no peace on earth.
this world was created by god ;;;
humans are who fuck it up with control with using immigration and borders telling others where they can or cannot live;  as i recall this earth is free for any humans or animals to live where ever they want.
stop using different languages to have misunderstandings and miscommunacations in order to control how people feel of going other places in this world.
stop using religion , and greed racism and land as an excuse for killing millions of innocent people and children.
this world is one and we should all live as one minus all the bullshit listed above the world could be a good place to travel and to live for everyone