Thursday, 7 August 2014

Religions,myths,old ,new,debates and space

I still keep my faith in god because my faith In the one and only creator had
Saved me numerous times.
I believe in god and all that is good..I  am by no means perfect as no human being is.
I believe us humans are not 100% 
Fully conscious We all don't know all
The answers of this world or universe galaxy's etc.. New planets etc that our knowledge has not reached yet . As well as possible life on other galaxy's and planets we know nothing Of.  I just learned of planet Europa 
Through the ice waters there may be life In there seas as of mars scientist are still speaking.
Below are newer and older religions with sites agreeing or debating
Of religions.  A mix of a bunch of things.

Hinduism Buddhism and janaism
Islam, Judaism,Taoism, Christianity 
African voodoo

Some arguments of religion 

Greek mythology

Ancient egyption religion worlds oldest religions

Bible parallel to older religions

A some scientific explanation of all

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